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Blinkies, and so forth

This is my section of Blinkies,and Gifs of all kinds.All blinkies were made by Jeannie Crumpler unless otherwise stated.PLease if you use my blinkies on your site, please give credit.If you would like your own blinkie please state the following info in a email.For Bigger Pictures click on the thumbnails.


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Specials: Sparkles, Blocks, Dots, Photo, or ClipArt.

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All gifs are © 2006 Jeannie Crumpler.

These gifs were made Sept.26th 2006.

My Daddys Gif I made

For my Fiancee

For Daddy

Did you know?

For my Wonderful Daddy

Sample Photo 7

Sample Photo 8

Sample Photo 9

Daddys Siggy

Sample Photo 11

Sample Photo 12